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Team Selling Podcast #2

A Trio-log on Team Selling

In this inaugural episode Alexis and Cody interview Robert on the idea of Team Selling.

Episode #2 The Team Selling Podcast: Trio-log on Team Selling


  • How Team Selling Got Started (3:00)
  • Team Selling Influences (5:00)
  • Impressions of Sales (6:28)
  • Team Selling in Three Words (8:15)
  • What motivates you? (11:06)

Want More?

Check out our 'Team Selling Manifesto' to learn more about the concept of Team Selling!

Interested in Team Selling for your organization but not sure if it is a fit? Download our extensive 'Team Selling Readiness Checklist' to see if this is right for you.

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